English tv show in German Google Play

Google Play (formerly Android Market) finally started to offer movies in Germany.
BUT only lip synced with German voices.
NO tv shows, only movies.
Certainly no famous, foreign tv shows.

In cones my experiment with MythBusters.

When I was in the US recently, I was offered #usonly tv shows.
I tried to purchase one but my only payment via credit card was possible and all of my existing credit cards where greyed out.

It took me ages but I found a gift credit card to take away at a shop instead of having it shipped.
I had to activate it online and enter an address.
Here I entered my hotel address in the US.


Playing in browser and Android worked while still in the US.

When I returned, I found the browser to no longer work.
I freed up as much space as humanly possible on my phone.
It downloads, it plays!
Very inconvenient because the phone can only hold a single episode at once and only when I have hardly any data on it (no sd card slot to upgrade memory anymore).

One test missing :
Will the next episodes appear and play.
I purchased the entire season and only 3 od the episodes are aired yet.
I ought to get the remaining ones as they are aired.

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