Upgrade YOOCNC6040 from LPT to USB

Since my new touchscreen PC for MACH3 is way too new and uses TTL levels on it's LPT ports,
I just got myself a USB control board.
Originally I wanted to wait until the RS485 version of the famous Gecko G540 (with >3 axis) I couldn't wait and use my very, very old laptop any longer.

With the new board I can control all my 4 axis and got a ton of space inputs and relay-outputs to spare.
It's supposed to give 200KHz output. No idea if that means 200'000 step+dir for all 4 steppers or just 200'000 time per second switching the level of one step+dir pair. (so 100KSteps/4 steppers=25000 steps/second when all 4 axis are moving at the same time)
Also no idea if and how much it buffers.
It seems to come with an integrated g-code and jog -buffer.
The well known (and much more expensive) smoothstepper card only gets speed+direction from the PC and does all the pulsing autonomously. Thus also independent of any timing-issues from the PC.

The second thing I got me was a USB handweel.
Except it doesn't have an actual weel but it was only 20eur.
I can always use the potentiometer that came with the USB board for that task.
Aparently that handweel is still on it's way to europe.

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