Java program to probe Z for PCB milling VERSION 2

I learned a bit more about g-code and completely rewrote my "PCBZCorrect" program.
Usage now:

  1. create g-code to mill a PCB (or engrave anything else) using pcb2gcode or any other program
  2. Mount the blank PCB and mount the electrical probe onto your CNC machine
  3. optional: modify the sources to use EMC2 or another grid then 5x5 
  4. run the jar file, select the g-code file
  5. run the created *_zprobed.ngc g-code in MACH3.
  6. it will probe the actual z height in a 5x5 grid and store these values in variables #100 to #124.
  7. it will then stop
  8. disconnect your Z-probe and get ready to mill.
  9. press "Cycle start" to continue the program flow
  10. it will mill the PCB using a bilinear interpolation to follow the actual, meassured surface height of the PCB to ensure a consistent cutting depth in the micrometer range
  11. it will also have broken up all long movements at z<=0 to follow the surface at the right height

left = before (45° engraving tip)
right = corrected  (10° 0.1mm engraving tip)
(Yes, I was too deep on the right side. Z-0.0008" was hovering above the copper, Z-0.0016" was cutting too deep into the glass fiber. )

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