Using OctoPi with Slic3r instead of cura

I installed OctoPi onto a Raspberry Pi embedded in my Makibox A6 HT 3d printer.
The development brance allows experimental slicing on the Raspi.
However it only allows to select a cura executable and config-file.
So here are the steps to do the same with Slic3r:

ssh pi@octopi.local

git clone https://github.com/hendricksonrw/OctoPrint/tree/cura-integration

wget http://makibox.com/tl_files/support/slic3r_configs/slic3r_configs.zip
unzip  slic3r_configs.zip
cp slicer_config/A6\ General\ \(HT\ PLA\)\ v0.3.ini slicer_default.ini 

git clone git://github.com/alexrj/Slic3r cd Slic3R
sudo perl Build.PL #this will take a LONG time and 1 or 2 tests may fail

vi cura_dummy

# ['/home/pi/Cura-13.01-linux/Cura', '-i', '/home/pi/cura_profile.ini', '-s', '/home/pi/.octoprint/uploads/Spritzen-Brett.stl', '-o', '/home/pi/.octoprint/uploads/Spritzen-Brett.gcode']

echo ----
echo ./slic3r.pl –load $2 -output $6 $4
echo ----
./slic3r.pl -load $2 -output $6 $4

chmod a+x cura_dummy

Then enter
"path to cura" = "/home/pi/Slic3r/cura_dummy"
"path to cura config" = "/home/pi/slicer_default.ini"

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