ATC choices

Project history

  1. Evaluating my choices in  back in February
  2. Decided on what ATC system to get in March. (posting contains MACH3 software references)
  3. The Usovo spindle and parts finally arrived in April
  4. Mounting spindle and cables in May
  5. Defining M06 tool change macro
  6. Next project: designing a chain link tool library

I'm thinking of upgrading my YOOCNC 6040 desktop CNC mill to an automatic tool change.
These are the options I'm evaluating:

Option 1


  • 2500eur
  • 27.600RPM
  • 700W (0.15Nm)
  • SK15-ER11 (tools up to 8mm)
  • 5xSK15 included, +60eur for additional ones
  • 1.5Kg
  • 0.01mm runout
  • can drive a pneumatic tool magazin.
  • needs 8 bar minimum (Mechatron pressure booster required)

Option 2

Mechatron Vorsatzwechsler

  • 1000eur
  • 24.000RPM max
  • existing 2.2KW spindle (up to 0.9Nm)
  • SK10(ER11+ER16) 
  • adds +1.7Kg to the existing 6Kg spindle
  • make the spindle too large and top-heavy for the gantry
  • needs 10 bar minimum (Mechatron pressure booster required)

Option 3

Can I get the ATC-8022-42 instead? (2.2Kw 42.000RPM, HSK25)  - 6500CHF -> too expensive
  • 3900eur
  • +150eur per SK20 toolholder 
    • runout < 2µm
    • or 50-60eur for ER16, ER20 and ER25(<=16mm) collets
  • +27eur per ER16 collet with low runout
    • +10eur per ER25 collet at Usovo
    • or cheap in China
  • 30.000RPM
  • 2.2KW (0.7Nm)
  • SK20-ER16 (tools up to 10mm)
  • SK20-ER20 (tools up to ??mm)
  • SK20-ER25 (tools up to 16mm)
  • 8Kg (+2Kg over the existing spindle)
  • has it all.
  • needs only 6 bar
The option to use cheap SK20 tool holders for drills and roughing tools and precise ones for finishing tools is quite interesting.

Option 4

Chinese spindle GDL80-20-30Z/2,2
  • 2400eur+customs+19% import sales tax = 2900eur + customs
  • 30.000RPM
  • 2.2KW
  • SK20 (15°)
  • 8Kg (+2Kg over the existing spindle)
  • needs only 6.5 bar


Apparently there are cheap 60.000 RPM spindles with no tool change.
Obviously for plastic and wax these would cut down a lot on milling time.


Do I need 2.2Kw to do the full 30.00RPM in POM, wax and soft wood?
700W should be enough but there is little reserve.

source: http://www.kimla.pl/en/HowtochooseaCNCspindle
Aluminum, plastic, wood or laminate with
cutters up to 5mm  - 0.8kW 24,000 rpm is sufficient,
cutters up to 8mm - 1kW spindle,
cutters up to 12mm - 3.3kW spindle

Steel: (15,000 to 18,000 rpm) cutters up to 10mm - 3.3kW spindle
cutters up to 12mm - 5.6kW spindle
cutters up to 16mm - 7kW spindle
cutters up to 20mm - 10kW spindle.

Drill in steel - more powerful spindle because
6mm drill at 2000rpm with the 5.6kW 18,000 rpm spindle

You cannot compare the powers of spindles with the powers of conventional milling machines because they have gears and there is no need to have such a torque reserve.

How much of a time difference are 24.000RPM vs 30.000RPM in the end?

What tools >8mm would I want to use? 
I could use 16mm instead of 10mm planers.

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