Why I'm NOT using GWizard by CNCCookbook anymore

My $230 GWizard lifetime license was revoked on Monday and I'm now investigating HSMAdvisor (Desktop) + FSWizard (Android) for $97 (license limited to 2.2KW). All this despite actually finding GWizard to be a useful tool to have.


Update: Looks like I'm not the only one.

Timeline of events

2017-02-15 start of a 30 day trial.
Email advises me to write to a specific email address if I have any questions.

2017-02-23 Asking about 3 particular issues I found when trying to calculate tappared tools.
No response.
  • Can't enter any decimal places for tapper angle
  • deflection calculation is obviously wrong for tapered tools. (At this point I still suspected human error on my side)
  • optimize cut width doesn't work at all for tappered tools

Later another issue pops up:
  • With POM (low melting point plastic) the software advises me to max out my RPM. This causes molten shavings. Cooling was set to "air only" and I did cool with 2 bar of air pressure directly to the tool.

2017-02-20 purchase of a lifetime license for $228.99 because it has still proven to be a useful tools and if need be I could even work around or live with the shortcomings identified in the trial period.

2017-03-01 2 newsletters despite me not signing up for any newsletters. Trying to read them on a phone proved impossible because the advertisement blocks 90%-100% of the screen.
I'm reporting the terrible UX design of newsletter and blog with screenshots taken from a particularly large and high resolution phone to illustrate the issue.
(I'm sure to have missed a number of newsletters that I can't date here because I have already deleted them.)

 I was asked for a product review via email.
Due to the open issues visible to me, I gave a 3 star rating. Balanced in the middle of the scale. Neither particularly good, not particularly bad.
"The calculator is good. It always recommends maximum RPM for plastics that simple melt at these levels and calculates the same deflection for conical cutters and for feeble cylindrical micro tools with the same tip diameter. You are still constantly bombarded with advertisement for the g-wizard on the website and now also via email. You can ask questions about bugs but don't expect any answer."
Nothing personal, all facts, all true.

Suddenly I get a refund notification.
There is no accompanying communication explaining why this happened. I'm suspecting that I may have accidentally pushed some "refund" button instead of "close survey" and am trying to get in contact with anyone at CNCCookbook to get an explanation and hopefully reverse this.

No answer, so I look around for other contact details.
I find a bob@ email address and a Google+ profile of the (sole?) operator of CNCCookbook.
(No idea who "bob" is at this point but I don't care at this point either.)

2017-03-09 Finally a human answers.
  • Bob Warfield, the site owner himself simply terminated my license and it was due to the review 3 days earlier.
  • Yes, my issues are already known and being investigated. No explanation why nobody responded in all these weeks to tell me this simple fact.
  • It was apparent that he takes any critique on his calculator or website/newsletter personally. (A professionally acting software developer would think of a bug found as a very good thing since it can now be fixed.)
  • He was also exaggerating what was being written well beyond the meaning of the words. This and the lack of communication before leads me to believe that he is very bad at customer and there is no customer care staff taking care of his claimed 60.000+ users on the blog.
  • He gives his linkedin page as credentials, boosting about having founded 7 companies. (No info about how many of them failed.) From there I see that he never got his master/diploma degree and only worked in management all the time. No experience as developer, UX designer or customer care documented.

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