Thing-o-Matic rant

3 prints failed 6 times. That darn extruder stopping to extrude any more plastic. I damn need these parts until tomorrow.

IF you happen to be in front of the device and notice it, you can lower and then raise the pressure mid print but if you missed it because it's serveral 30-45 minute prints, you are ****.
There is no real pause+resume where the head is raised. No way to decrease speed, go back a few skipped layers, alter the extruder-RPM and/or temperature mid-print. You are just **** .

With the Replicator out there is no hope that Makerbot industries will ever release a bugfixed upgrade/version of the hotend (huge thermal issues with the PLA expanding) and extruder (can't keep the pressure with the non-locking bolt, too much friction with that PTFE-block instead of anything wheel-shaped, too little force transfered to the filament to overcome any minor added friction in the system.)
No this is not a product for professionals. It's a product for consumers. A *product*! Not an experiment, pre-release or beta-version. A product is supposed to work.
I buy a saw, I expect it to part things. I buy a drill, I expect it to drill holes.
I buy a 3d printer, I expect it to 3d print. Maybe not the super-fine details of th really expensive machines. Maybe very slow. But it's supposed to be at the established state of the are of the time it was released at (The certainly was not. It has huge design flaws that countless others had already fixed) and most of all I expect it *to work at all*.
This isn't 8+ hour prints like I did on my old printer. These are small parts that take 30-90 minutes to print. They are simple. They are small. They are as printable as it gets.

Seriously, what good is a 3d printer that only prints more or less reliably for 10 minutes at a time and only if you take out the filament, cut off the expanded part and observe very, very carefully if the first 2 layers on the warping and flexing Automated Build Platform are printed. If not, abort at once and do it again. Is that calles an MK6 nowadays? They had YEARS with the Cupcakt to fix these kind of bugs!

The whole *point of this machine* is to reliably print multiple objects, one after anothr, all night long and eject them using it's Automated Build Platform.

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