Where Google Latitude fails

Just a quick list about Google Latitude and in just how many ways it fails:

  • The Android App can send but not receive or accept/decline friend-requests.
  • You receive Friend-Requests in Gmail. Talk about mixed media.
  • Clicking on the link in Gmail shows "Your browser is not supported by our webpage" (It's a mobile Firefox).
  • Clicking on the link in Gmail and selecting to open it with Latitude brings up an empty Google maps. Nothing about accepting a friend request.  Not even opening the Latitude part of Google Maps.
  • Checking in, you get a top-10 of your G+ contacts. You can't add or even click any of them.
  • You can't add them manually *at all* because you can only add people by email and you don't get their email adresses.
  • After checking in... you don't see who of your friends checked in too. So you can't go looking for them wich is *the point* of Latitude. You're not checking in to add reviews and stuff. That works fine without Latitude.
  • 3 phones of 3 people next to each other. Each phone shows a different combination of each one's checkin-status. None of the 3 phones is right.
  • New friends don't apear when you click "update". They suddenly apear when you close and re-open the Latitude part of Google Maps.

2 Kommentare:

raster hat gesagt…

Google Latitude does one thing for me, reports my location to the Google servers which I then use to pull the data into my own application. So for me, it works quite well. :)

The Editor hat gesagt…

Sounds like an NMEA file would work for you just as well.