Multi Axis G-Code generation with Fusion 360


I'm trying to figure out if and how to generate 4 and 5 axis G-Code in Fusion 360 (Hobbyist version = ultimate features) to run in MACH3 on my modified YOOCNC 6040 machine.
Because even the new "5 axis operations" in Fusion 360 don't work for organic shapes without contours. Any I only ever need/want 4 and 5 axis milling for organic shapes to get perfect surface finish on curved surfaces.


This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and I'm using this blog posting to collect the links and bits and pieces I found so far.

Machine compatibility

I could not yet determine if the machine control program (in my case MACH3) is required to support TCP (tool center point) compensation.
This means that X+Y+Z coordinates in G-Code refer to the center of the tip of the tool and A+B+C refer to the angle of attack.

During G-Code Generation Fusion 360 has absolutely no idea if a given orientation is mechanically impossible for the machine to perform and thus cannot aproximate it with a less then ideal angle of attack or a similar mitigation strategy.

It is clear that all calculations happen in the Machine Configuration.
To get there you already need to have a toolpath. It's in "postprocess"->Open Config.
"Tip: Ask your reseller about customization of the setup sheets and post proces" is not very helpful if you build the machine yourself and therefore ARE the "reseller".

Milling Strategies 

There is no German documentation yet.

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