Trying OpenBuilds linear actuators with end stops

I'm trying out expensive but (up to this step) well done OpenBuilds kits combined with cheap 20x20 I-Type aluminium profiles for a machine I'm building.

However uppon installing the OpenBuilds End-Stop kits I just got a big WTF moment....
(Images directly from the OpenBuilds Part Store website. So nobody can claim the photographer got it wrong...)

1) How the *** am I supposed to attach a micro switch to an aluminium plate like this? There is no thread for the screw to fasten to. It's just 2 oversized holes in the mounting plate. Inserting the screws liks shown just means to loosely stick them in there and want for them to simply fall out on their own.

No you can't insert them the other way around because these are not sink hole screws with tappered holes in the aluminium plate. So you don't get a flush surface to mount this crap to the aluminium profile rail.

2) Why is +Open Builds requiring a different tool-size (1mm hex) for "Micro Limit Switch Kit with Mounting Plate" then the 3 different tool sizes they already need for the "V-Slot™ Linear Actuator Bundle" (1.5mm, 2mm and a tiny one for the stepper)?

3) Why no use a smaller screw that fits THROUGH the holes in the micro switch instead of eating their own thread into the plastic.

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