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I got a delivery of new coffee beans from Bonaverde
(It was announced that until the coffee bean store for the Bonaverde "Berlin" machines exist, people would get a package of green beans to roast-gind-brew for free to test the logistics.)
Sender address was "First Choice GmbH c/o Bonaverde Logistics"

Larger packages 

These packages are MUCH larger then the packages there machine came with. I can also not feel smaller packages inside.
Since the RFID Tags are single-use... how am I supposed to roast these? An entire can of coffee from a small pouch was already way too much. This looks like a single package could keep a small army caffeinated.

I just noticed.... it now says "scan with your messenger app"???.
Not "scan with your Bonaverde "Berlin" coffee machine".
Problem is... I can't try this because both of my phones don't support RFID.

Update(2017-11-14): From an email answer from support: "Answered on Facebook - your phone doesn't need to have an RFID capability because the machine communicates with the bot over 3G" (I will have to try that next weekend)

 Changes in labeling

It's a big improvement to list the Country of origin, bean type and weight of the packagesv now.
(See my earlier blog-posting for to compare!)

However, there is no indication given about the flavor to be expected anymore. Not even the "Blueberry" /"Fresh Nuts" /"Almond" labels the smaller packages had.

Update(2017-11-14): From an email answer from support: " Within the bot, you can now choose the roast profile for the new beans as well as find out more about the flavours."  (I habe yet to figure out how to actually DO the second.)

One other thing I am missing is any "best before" date (German: Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum)
or at least a date when these have been packaged.

Update(2017-11-14): From an email answer from support: "Compared to roasted beans, green beans don't have an expiry date. They should be roasted within the first year from picking for the best possible flavour, but will still be drinkable and make great cup of coffee even when few years old. (I wouldn't expect them to last that long in anyone's household. :)"

Air filter without RFID-tag?

There is also a new air filter. Problem is... it doesn't seem to contain an RFID tag like the original one. So when the machine asks for a new filter at some point (after 60x of roasting according to the manual) ... I won't be able to scan this before changing the filters.

Update(2017-11-14): From an email answer from support: "The air filter without an RFID is a genuine mistake on our part, but that doesn't mean it's not usable. When your machine asks for an airfilter reset, just let us know within the bot, and we'll reset the air filter remotely. All future air filters will come with RFID."

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