Camera mount for drink bottles

Geniale Idee. :)
Muss ich demnächst mal ausprobieren!

Camera mount for drink bottles: "

This is a highly portable monopod with a 360 degree swivel (well, in one plane at least :-) ball joint. It is to be mounted on top of drink bottles (will fit most PET bottle tops).

Easily carried around, this allows you to quickly set up self-portraits or even closeup of desktop items using one of the most common items around, an ordinary soft drink bottle.

Tested only on small point and shooters, and a Flip camera - i have no idea how the joints will work with SLRs :-) - in any case USE AT OWN RISK!

This design is Not Entirely Original - I first saw a camera adapter for a drink cap last week, and decided to integrate that with a ball joint found on Thingiverse - Thanks Erik and MakerBlock!

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