Hollow Mini-Mendel

Hollow Mini-Mendel: "

This is a Mini-Mendel ( thingiverse.com/thing:1745 ) where many parts have been shelled (hollowed out) to 1mm (some 1.5 or 2mm for better printability).

This shall allow to use even less material in printing and apply the material where it counts for the mechanical structure (2-3 shell layers but very sparse infill).

Wherer apropriate I added supported and teardrops to make the shelled parts printable.

(Sadly the license must be GPL 2 as the Mini Mendel is GPL2 instead of a license apropriate to hardware-designs)

changes of VERSION 1.2:

* more parts shelled

* some bugfixes

* more supports to make the parts stronger and easier to print

* exported as STL

* exported as Solidworks

* exported to ACIS R19 (.sat)

* exported as STEP

The original files can be opened and exported in Alibre Design (trial version. Too many parts in assembly for the free version.)

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