building a micscreen from Basotect pyramid foam

A few days ago I got myself a nice T.Bone SC600 large disphragm microphone.
That one should be just perfect for recording voice-overs.
But since my room is not a sound studio, I was looking around for a good mic-screen.
(Something to absorb sound in the back and on the sides of the microphone.)

However these things are expensive in any reasonable size.
And they are not very portable.

So I decided to make my own.
My first thought was to make a half-circle of felt and glue some 5cm cussioning on.
But last night I found a source where I could get me 1x0.5m of Basotect pyramid foam.
(The real stuff [tm])
So now I'm preparing a howto-video about building yourself a (hopefully) really good mic-screen with the proper materials for cheap.
...and to build it in a way, that can be quickly disassembled and reassembled and
folded flat for transportation.

The mic-screen is finished and I made a video about it.
(Will be on my YouTube channel


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