Speed against warping

I just can't get a special part printed on my RepMan right now.
One edge is always curling up until the print fails.
...this time I'll try to print it much faster.
The hope is, that it does not curl up fast enough to cause any problems.

...let's see if this can be a viable strategy.

preliminary result:
Printing the first layer at 8mm/s very, very tightly pressed into the build-surface and the following ones at 48mm/s looks promising so far.
It has progressed higher then any previous print, minimal warping so far and of cause it's MUCH faster then 16mm/s.

From earlier experiments I already know the top-speed to be 87mm/s limited by the power supply to the extruder-heater and very close to the structural limits of the table my RepMan sits on.
(Have to consider sand-bags and slow deceleration programmed into the G-code to move faster.)


It worked once and the second one is currently printing and seems to work just fine too.

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