ToM back in business

"My printer is over the ocean, my printer is over the sea, my printer is over the ocean, oh bring back my printer to me..."

The 2 PCBs of my Thing-o-Matic that I sent in for RMA returned.
Makerbot could not reproduce the issue and a new cable didn't help a bit.
The temperature-sensor of my Automated Build Platform (the belt) still shows 129°C at ayny temperature.
This means that an automated build never detects that it has cooled down and ejects the part to start printing the next one.

I reassembled everything very, very late at night, packed the mobile TOM v2 again and am taking it with me for the week.
As I found on GPN 11 the PTFE-tube to be too thin for my next batch of filament, I checked that.
The filament is 3.04-3.06mm perfectly round (not oval).
I could not find any 3.1mm drill, so I took 3.0 and 3.2mm with me to make that tube wider.
I guess I should create a collection of such tubes in 2.8-3.2mm and label them.
Every roll of filament will have a slightly different diameter after all.

The filament I ordered in China is delayed (what a surprise).
They told my that their extrusion-machine has broken down and needs repairs.
So I'm stuck with that expensive roll of black BitsFromBytes filament and some left over white filament from that 2x10Kg rolls I got back in the first days.

I do have a raw version of the first half of the GPN -video.
(first half has me talking about what GPN is and what to expect there.
Second half is just collected footage and music.)
Still need to select some Creative Commons music for the second half apply all the little details I learned to make it perfect.
(Not like that "mobile TOM v1"-video.)

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