new extruder design - prototype 5

Only 2 weeks until CCCamp and my Thing-o-Matic is still out of order...
I managed to get my new extruder design up to prototype IV.
The print-quality of my Repman suddenly dropped dramatically with the update from firmware 2.0.8 to 4.1.1 .
Reason still unknown. Maybe they changed something in the handling of reversals.
The photo below is the same Skeinforge 16mm/2 profile I used to do really high quality prints the day before.
(After the quick 48mm/s prototype. That was ugly but served it's purpose.)

I changed some dimensions, turned the magnetic encoder board around, got more pressure on the filament, ...
I even got the axis for the magnetic encoder to be turned by the filament already.

There is not enough time left this weekend to also print the new pressure-arm and possibly even test-drive this extruder. :(
So that leaves me with 2 weekends to finish this extruder, get it to print, pack the printer for CCCamp and get some last camera parts printed.

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