Upgrading the RepMan

How that I have done so much on the Thing-o-Matic (and will do much more in the future),
it's time to care for my RepMan too.

My current heated bed is only 2mm thick aluminum and bending ever so slightly.
So I just got myself a 300 x 300 x 6mm AlMg3 Aluminum plate to replace it.
I plan to use my milling-head to make it absolutely, perfectly flat.
(That should solve a lot of issues in using all of that amazing 270x300mm
build area.)

I also ordered precise M8 threaded steel-rods to replace the original ones.
These ones should be much more straight and reduce my wobbling.
(wobbling=repeated XY-shifts due to Z-axis not being straight.)

While at it, I also ordered 15mm aluminum rods for my camera rig,
to replace the heavy 15mm steel rods I used to test is.
There was just no 15mm aluminum to be found locally at that time.

The new headed bed will be temperature-controlled by attaching a spare thermistor
to it and a 12V->230V relay to attach it as a third extruder to the control board.
Thus temperature is controlled like for an extruder but without putting load on
the common 12V heater-line in the controller board that would be missing to heat
extruder #0 and extruder #1 .
(Yes, I have the dual-extruder upgrade and a spare extruder right here, waiting to be installed.)

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