Good News and Bad News

I've some good news and some bad news....

the good news is:
My new threaded rods to upgrade my Repman arrived.
(And some 15mm aluminum pipes to replace the heavy
steel-pipes in my shoulder-rig.)

The bad news:
My long awaited ABS from china also arrived.
The surface is marred, it's brittle and there
are 0.5mm air bubbles inside the filament.
I have no hope that one can use this for 3d printing at all.
And I got the minimum of 20Kg of this junk.

The company is:

Qingdao TSD Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Add.:No.48, Ruijin Road, Qingdao, China.
Website: www.qdtsd.net
MSN: hongyong_zhang@live.cn
Free Line: (86)400-688-0532
Office Line:(86)532-81936899
Mobile No.:(86)158-54279111

I found a wiki-page about this to compare noted on different companies.
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