Traveling Salesman 0.8 with the OsmBin file-format version 0.9 and libOSM+OsmNavigation 2.3.9 released.

Hello everyone.
After a year of silence I found the SVN-Head to
be stable enough to relase
* version 0.8 of the Traveling Salesman -navigator and
* Verson 2.3.9 of the LibOSM and OsmNavigation -libraries
(Note: The Java-Webstart -link will be updated to the new
version in a few days. I need to access my key-storage
on another computer first to create a signed jar.)

They are now using 0.9, the first non-draft -version of
my OsmBin file-format
as their new default-format.
I intend to finalize this file-format as a version 1.0 when API0.6
is public with a added version-numbers and small improvements.
Please give comments, so we can make this a better format
for indexed, mutable on-disk -storage with random access.

I also changed the default-renderer from the SimplePaintVisitor
to the much nicer OdrPainsVisitor after adding support for
different text-styles depending on zoom-level and way-type.

Please feel invited to comment on my file-format
and to file any bugs you encounter to

Thank you.
Marcus Wolschon