Developers: NEVER invest time and effort into any Google project that isn't mainstream.

For everyone outside the Tango Developers Community:
Be warned to never invest time and effort and money into ANY Google project that isn't yet mainstream.

I am SO pissed.


When buying the Phab2Pro specifically for Tango development and testing and using it as a plain user, it was a commitment for 3--4 years (when it will be time for the next phone).
There was no really stable SDK ever to START any serious development. It was constantly bugfixes, updates and changes.

After the Phab2Pro none of the other hardware manufactures had yet the time to see it and and the newer model perform in the market before investing huge money into a risky platform.
Aparently they where right NOT doing so,. Proven by this cancelation.

It's the same I already had with the completely useless GoogleTV collecting dust (given to developers by Google itself back in the days).
After porting software to it, investing lots of time, it was abandonned without ever being adapted for the differences in how TVs are used in Europe (commonly no set-top boxes).

Remind me to NEVER invest time, effort and money into any Google project anymore. For a developer, it is way too risky to throw so much time, effort and personal money at it. All of it will be completely lost and in vain 6 month later.

  • Announcement that Google Tango (formerly Project Tango) is now dead.