Makiboxes for sale

My two Makiboxes are for sale!
1 Makibox A6 HT with added heat-spreader on stock hotend. top Acrylic broke and some scratches but nothing that affects performance.
250eur fully assembled including 1 spool of ABS.

1 Makibox A6 H6 with E3D hotend, Airtripper extruder, Raspberry Pi+Wifi+Camera
350eur fully assembled including 1 spool of PLA.

Both sitting in Germany. Can be shipped via DHL or Hermes.

Anyone interested?  =>  Marcus@Wolschon.biz


My Makibox status

I have 2 Makiboxes.
1 stock Makibox A6 HT and
1 Makibox A6 HT  with an Airtripper V3 BSP extruder and E3D V5 hotend but missing a working mount for the E3D.

I have given up on the Makibox and am willing to sell both.
That Makible is in trouble with it's investors doesn't help the case.
An Ultimaker 2 is already ordered.
Nonetheless I'm sitting in the GPN Karlsruhe at the moment trying to get both to work reliably.

I upgraded the stock Makibox to the new firmware v42 with PID autotuning.
(You use PID autotuning with the M303 command described here.)
I'm using it to print this E3D v5+LM4UU mount for the other Makibox.

PID results of stock Makibox:
< 02:45:13:  Clasic PID --  PID settings:
< 02:45:13:   M301 P7627 I57 D630
< 02:45:25: ** PID Autotune Cycle: 5 **
< 02:45:25:  bias: 39 d: 39 min: 199.00000 max: 201.00000
< 02:45:25:  Ku: 49.65638 Tu: 12.33100
< 02:45:25:  Clasic PID --  PID settings:
< 02:45:25:   M301 P7627 I61 D587
< 02:45:25: PID Autotune finished !
< 02:45:25: Place the above command in console to change the PID settings.

Result: IT WORKS. Pretty rough movement, so low in detail but it works now!
Printing more replacement parts while it still works.