New BMPCC4K firmware - this time with BRaw

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Again we get a firmware update (6.2) for the Blackmagic cameras.
This time it finally includes the BM-Raw support.
However they had to remove the support for Cinema-DNG.

I'll add the ability to select BM-Raw to the BMPCC4K Camera Control - Android App at once.

Update: The new Android app is released

However there is one issue. There is no way to determing what the camera supports.
This was already the case with the supported resolutions on the URSA Mini Pro.
So either I add BMraw and drop CDNG and cameras with older firmwares will loose the ability to have Cinema-DNG selected or add both and on older and newer camera firmware's there will be unsupported but selectable options.
Here's the answer from Blackmagic:

Hi Marcus,Unfortunately there is no facility to read back the Camera version with the Camera Control protocol, as such it is not possible to determine whether Cinema-DNG is supported or not. I have put in a change request to add this feature in a future release, but this doesn't help you with this request.Kind Regards(name redacted)
I'll also see if 4K and 4.6K  resolutions can not be set via Bluetooth. The protocol documentation is still in a state of October last year, so new constants are defined  for these resolutions but I can guess and try.


  • I am offering the app at half the price for a week only (until 2019-03-08). Including all future updates.
  • There has not been a single crash and not a single "application not responding" since as far as Google Play Store can go back and not a single one in the last 2 app versions ever.