Free OpenFx plugins for Resolve

Since Resolve (and the free Resolve Lite) doesn't support one OpenFX method,
the Openfx-Misc set of free plugins needed an update.
After a discussion in the Blackmagic forum, this has now happened.
I was able to compile them without any issues and they do show up in my Resolve 11 Lite on MacOS.

On a side node: openfx_yadif (for deinterlacing) is still crashing in export after 5-20 frames. It does work in the color tab. Even with playback running.


Searching for a monitor

I'm thinking about a wide color gamut display for Color Grading in Blackmagic design - Davincy Resolve.
It will also be used in Final Cut Pro X.
...and VLC. ;)


The HP Dreamcolor Z27x (720eur 2048 x 1556)
sems to be more affordable compoared to
the EIZO ColorEdge CG247-BK (1500eur 1.920 x 1.200)
or EIZO ColorEdge CG277-BK (2000eur 2.560 x 1.440).
You save 100-200eur for the calibration device but both need the Ultrastudio Mini Monitor as an added cost factor.

NOT the smaller Z24x (400-550eur 1920x1200) because
* that doesn't calibrate without a PC like the Z27x does and the software only exists for Windows.
* it doesn't have the same kind of panel or the same precision as the Z27x

100% sRGB Coverage
100% Adobe RGB Coverage
100% BT. 709 Color Coverage
99% of DCI-P3 Coverage


I'm planning to use the
Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor
to output 10bit 4:2:2 YUV
since the newer Z27x supports the DreamColor Engine with YUV and not only RGB now and the Mini Monitor is limited to YUV only.


One problem I have is that the cheapest, supported calibration device (HP DreamColor Calibration Solution(B1F63AA)) for the Z27x seems to be half the price of the entire monitor (200eur). :/

A Spider4Pro or Spider4Elite that cold also calibrate my other displays and laptops would not work with the internal LUT of this display. :/
On the other hand the  B1F63AA is much more accurate then the Spider will ever be.


720eur + 100eur + 150eur = 720eur
  • less quality control
  • no sun shade
  • 4K downscaling, 1:1 4 corners + center + dynamic panning
  • 2 DisplayPort 1 HDMI
  • 100% sRGB Coverage
    100% Adobe RGB Coverage
    100% BT. 709 Color Coverage
    99% of DCI-P3 Coverage

1500eur + 100eur = 1600eur.
  • 100% sRGB
  • 99% AdobeRGB
  • 100% Rec709
  • 95,4%DCI
2000eur + 100eur = 2100eur.
  • 4K downscaling and 1:1 4 corners
  • 100% sRGB
  • 99% AdobeRGB 
  • 100% Rec709
  • DCI: 93%