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Some updates on my BMPCC4K Camera Control App. (That  also supports the BMPCC6K, UMP and UMP G2)

Blackmagic never got around to adding the missing values to the "1.0 Video Mode" command of their bluetooth protocol. They even added new resolutions without adding the constants to support them via Bluetooth.

But I got a hint about a workaround for this issue and now all supported resolutions on BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K, UMP and UMP G2 should be supported.
You can also only select resolutions that fit the currently selected frame rate



Bonaverde - Emulating NFC cards

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The problem

For my Bonaverde "Berlin" machine,
I still have some green beans in the large 500g bags around.
They contain no NFC tag and where shipped to Kickstarter backers.

Since serveral weeks and 3 app-updates the myBonaverde app no longer offers many types of coffee beans including these for roasting.
It also has many other issues with the list such as listing the same entry 3-5 times, listing lots of 80g profiles when having 50g selected,....
Support couldn't find the issue yet. (Yes, uninstalling does NOT help in any way.)

NFC to the rescue

So I decided to have a look at their NFC tags. They work offline after all.
I do have a number of used-up single-use cards of the typed of coffee.

The ISO 14443-3A compatible "NXP MIFARE Ultralight EV1 - 48 Byte" cards with 20 memory pages of 4 byte each.

Card format

I quickly found out the following facts:
  • sector 00 - unique ID by Mifare. Doesn't matter.
  • sector 01 - still UID
  • sector 02 - card type and other bits we don't care about
  • sector 03 - these are OTP = one time programmable. 
    • Single use cards are made single-use by setting ALL bits 1.
    • They can be reset by emulating the same cards with these fuses set back to 0.
    • The same mechanism is used for single-use air filters.
  • sector 04 - always the same content
  • sector 05 - byte 2 is different for NFC tags on air filters.
  • sector 06 - byte 3 indicates the type of card. 
    • 56=air filter 
    • A2=coffee changers badge
    • AC=single use coffee pouch
    • update: AE=Advent_ure#4
    • update: B2=roast only, roast and grind
    • update: B5=grind only, brew only, 80g universal tool
    • update: B6=Advent_use#14 slow roast(+brew)
    • ...
  • sector 07 - always the same content
  • sector 08 - byte 0 is different for NFC tags on *unused* air filters
  • sector 09 - byte 2 is different for NFC tags on air filters.
  • sector 0A - byte 1 is different for NFC tags on air filters
  • sector 0B - byte 2+3 differ. 
    • meaning unknown
  • sector 0C - always 0x00000000
  • sector 0D - always 0x00000000
  • sector 0E - always 0x00000000 
  • sector 0F - first byte differs
    • meaning unknown
  • sector 10 - CFG 0 (MIRROR / AUTH0), content given by Mifare
  • sector 11 - CFG 1 (ACCESS), content given by Mifare
  • sector 12 - PWD0 - PWD3 always 0x00000000
  • sector 13 - PACK0 - PACK1 always 0x00000000
The description of sector 7-0F does not refer to the card types marked as "update:". I didn't have the time to have a closer look at these yet. 


I can not emulate these types of card using my Android phone. But you can get card emulators with a switch to make sector 03 writable.
I got one, set up with a firmware emulating the 48 byte version of the EV1 cards.
I used the MIFARE++ Ultralight app to write to one of these emulators.
The NFC Tools app (pro) app looked promising but can't write what it can read. It can only write NDEF recordd.


It's your own coffee machine.
You can't do anything unsafe with this.
You purchased the green beans from Bonaverde to get the NFC tag in the first place.
You can't get the beans matching the bean-specific roasting profile referenced in the NFC tag anywhere else.
So I see no problem in sharing this absolutely trivial bit of information.


I could not find out how the roasting profiles are stored.
According to the FAQ there are 6 roasting degrees. 
The content is too small to store a list of time+temperature values forming a the curve of a roasting profile. So my guess is that there is a fixed or updatable table of profiles in the machine and the card just selects it. Or the card contains a single pair of duration+intensity.



BMPCC4K Control app - URSA Mini Pro G2

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Finally a user sent me the idenfification string for the URSA Mini Pro G2.
Blackmagic does not document the exact strings the cameras use in Bluetooth to identify themself.

I added support for the G2 to behave just like the URSA Mini Pro in the latest Beta release.



    BMPCC4K can select 4K and 4.6K resolutions

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    In firmware 6.3 Blackmagic finally offers a way to select the different 4K and 3K/4.6K(UMP only of cause) resolutions via Bluetooth.
    So I'm about to add these to my "BMPCC4K control" app.


    Update (2019-06-17): I tried it with the BMPCC4K and firmware 6.4 and it didn't work. I'm in contact with Blackmagic. My suspicion is that this was only rolled out for the URSA and not the BMPCC4K yet.

    Get Support

    If you have any issues with the app, please contact me using the email address mentioned in the Play Store. If you don't speak up, I can't help you.
    Also, reviews in Play Store are not a chat. They are product reviews. Not a place to ask questions and expect an answer.

    Connection Issues

    If you can't get a connection via Bluetooth or can't find your (already paired) camera, it's often a crappy Bluetooth Stack in your phone.
    In that case rebooting the phone is your best hope. Bluetooth and especially Bluetooth Low Energy is not Googlen's or most manufacturer's highest priority when it comes to Android. The API to access BLE is already pretty crappy compared to most other Android APIs and the underlying implementation is grown as more and more things have been added to the different versions of the Bluetooth standards. All of these versions the phone has to support at the same time. Nothing an app can do about that. Only Google and the phone manufacturer can fix their bugs and I can fix mine.


    On a positive note, there is still not a single crash or "application not responding" automatically reported in any version of the app installed via Play Store since late 2018.



      BMPCC4K app gets presets

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      5. Next project: designing a chain link tool library

      I did not have much time to do anything on my BMPCC4K Camera Control - Android App lately but I did manage to publish a new, public beta version today that has a new tab for storing and recalling the current camera settings as presets.

      My camera is currently used on a film set, so it will take me until at least next week to properly test this Beta to offer it as a stable release.



          New BMPCC4K firmware - this time with BRaw

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          Again we get a firmware update (6.2) for the Blackmagic cameras.
          This time it finally includes the BM-Raw support.
          However they had to remove the support for Cinema-DNG.

          I'll add the ability to select BM-Raw to the BMPCC4K Camera Control - Android App at once.

          Update: The new Android app is released

          However there is one issue. There is no way to determing what the camera supports.
          This was already the case with the supported resolutions on the URSA Mini Pro.
          So either I add BMraw and drop CDNG and cameras with older firmwares will loose the ability to have Cinema-DNG selected or add both and on older and newer camera firmware's there will be unsupported but selectable options.
          Here's the answer from Blackmagic:

          Hi Marcus,Unfortunately there is no facility to read back the Camera version with the Camera Control protocol, as such it is not possible to determine whether Cinema-DNG is supported or not. I have put in a change request to add this feature in a future release, but this doesn't help you with this request.Kind Regards(name redacted)
          I'll also see if 4K and 4.6K  resolutions can not be set via Bluetooth. The protocol documentation is still in a state of October last year, so new constants are defined  for these resolutions but I can guess and try.


          • I am offering the app at half the price for a week only (until 2019-03-08). Including all future updates.
          • There has not been a single crash and not a single "application not responding" since as far as Google Play Store can go back and not a single one in the last 2 app versions ever.


          New BMPCC4K firmware

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          Looks like there is a new camera firmware for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

          Since the Bluetooth protocol I used to write my "BMPCC4K Camera Control" Android app did not support some features of this camera yet. I'll give it a try and see what has improved....

          Stay tuned!

          Stable Releases:

          Open Beta Test: (early access to improvements)


          New phone - Blackview BV9600 Pro

          Actually I wanted the Blackview 9600 Plus (fingerprint reader in the screen) and backed the Kickstarter compaign.
          But that was stopped and I was given the choice of getting a BV 9600 Pro or a BV9700 Pro (Much smaller battery, smaller display, IPS instead of Amoled, higher clocked CPU).

          I have chosen the BV 9600 Pro.
          It shipped with an Android 8.1 image  ("BV9600Pro_S70_V1.1_20181105V31").
          For all software issues. That's the firmware I'm talking about.


          • Battery runtime is as advertised. Without SIM card after 24h intense use (reinstalling 140 apps) and sleep tracking, it was still at 50% 
          • At some point it is supposed to get an Android 9.0 or 9.1 update.
          • It has working Qi wireless charging (lacking on my previous phone).
          • It has the same 12V 1.5A and 9V 2A quick charge as my previous phone.
          • It has NFC (also lacking on my previous phone).
          • It's a roughed IP68 outdoor phone and even compes with a hook to attach a strap for not loosing it. So it needs no Otterbox or other case.
          • SIM card can be removed without any special needle or other tools and without disassembling any case.
          • Bluetooth Audio with my Renault/Dacia MediaNav works agian (failed on the last 2 generations of phones I had)
          • The supplied contacts app is not limited to only create contacts in the address book of the first of 2 Google accounts.


          • The socket IS NOT USB-C. It's requires special 8mm plugs and standard 5mm USB-C cables don't fit!!! Obviously this is a MAJOR, MAJOR issue!!!
          • The menu/overview -button (square)  DOESN'T WORK. You can't switch between apps with the stock or any 3rd party launcher.
          • The Android Multi-User feature has been disabled (present since Android 4.4) .
          • It comes with a screen protector that is very hard to attach because of the raised display bezel. 
          • After 2 days I still can't post in the Blackview User Forum to find a solution about any of my software issues. The first post of any new user must be vetted by an admin and that still hasn't happened.
          • Some system menus have translation errors. Others are hard to understand after translation into German or UK English or US English
          • The supplied phone app is in no way integrated with the supplied contact app. A phone number can not be added to an existing contact and a contact has no long-press menu to open them for editing.


          • Back and Menu are reversed compared to my last phone
          • The default icons (including all settings items) and the wireless charger are a terribly over-the-top super-bling rose-golden colour.


          Parametric wire dispenser

          At the moment Youmagine is pretty much broken in Firefox and in Chrome due to the choice of company they got their SSL certificate from.

          However I still published a new accessory for my soldering workspace.
          A simple wire dispenser that with parameters for the number and size of spools.