New phone - Blackview BV9600 Pro

Actually I wanted the Blackview 9600 Plus (fingerprint reader in the screen) and backed the Kickstarter compaign.
But that was stopped and I was given the choice of getting a BV 9600 Pro or a BV9700 Pro (Much smaller battery, smaller display, IPS instead of Amoled, higher clocked CPU).

I have chosen the BV 9600 Pro.
It shipped with an Android 8.1 image  ("BV9600Pro_S70_V1.1_20181105V31").
For all software issues. That's the firmware I'm talking about.


  • Battery runtime is as advertised. Without SIM card after 24h intense use (reinstalling 140 apps) and sleep tracking, it was still at 50% 
  • At some point it is supposed to get an Android 9.0 or 9.1 update.
  • It has working Qi wireless charging (lacking on my previous phone).
  • It has the same 12V 1.5A and 9V 2A quick charge as my previous phone.
  • It has NFC (also lacking on my previous phone).
  • It's a roughed IP68 outdoor phone and even compes with a hook to attach a strap for not loosing it. So it needs no Otterbox or other case.
  • SIM card can be removed without any special needle or other tools and without disassembling any case.
  • Bluetooth Audio with my Renault/Dacia MediaNav works agian (failed on the last 2 generations of phones I had)
  • The supplied contacts app is not limited to only create contacts in the address book of the first of 2 Google accounts.


  • The socket IS NOT USB-C. It's requires special 8mm plugs and standard 5mm USB-C cables don't fit!!! Obviously this is a MAJOR, MAJOR issue!!!
  • The menu/overview -button (square)  DOESN'T WORK. You can't switch between apps with the stock or any 3rd party launcher.
  • The Android Multi-User feature has been disabled (present since Android 4.4) .
  • It comes with a screen protector that is very hard to attach because of the raised display bezel. 
  • After 2 days I still can't post in the Blackview User Forum to find a solution about any of my software issues. The first post of any new user must be vetted by an admin and that still hasn't happened.
  • Some system menus have translation errors. Others are hard to understand after translation into German or UK English or US English
  • The supplied phone app is in no way integrated with the supplied contact app. A phone number can not be added to an existing contact and a contact has no long-press menu to open them for editing.


  • Back and Menu are reversed compared to my last phone
  • The default icons (including all settings items) and the wireless charger are a terribly over-the-top super-bling rose-golden colour.

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