(EN) found cool Grip for steadycam gimbal

Just found this cool Grip to use in my steadycam. :)
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(DE) Schrauben

Beide Häuser zusammen sind EIN Laden.
Und erst verkauft Schrauben ....alle Arten von Schrauben.
...hier bin ich richtig. :))))))
.oO(und ich dachte Wörth hätte eine große Auswahl.)
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(EN) the largest object, I ever printed

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(EN) the largest object, I ever printed

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(EN) 4 days left befor IPv4-exhoustion reaches next level


There are 4 days until IANA Central Registry IPv4 address exhaustion.

Regional registry IPv4 address exhaustion in 243 days.

So...how well is IPv6-support with your DSL-provider, cellphone-company, place of work, hotel/fastfood/café hotspot?

(EN) 3D printed steadycam

This weekend I am working on my gimble for a homemade steadycam. (That was long overdue. I've been postponing this for weeks alreay.)

I improved the design from v0.2 to v0.7 so far. (See the design on Thingiverse.)

I actually printed v0.2-v0.7 . In fact, I posted my lessons learned in the Thingiverse Google-Group to inspire others to do the same with the design-principles and hints they learned designing their things.

And I created some assembly instructions in my wiki.

Hopefully next week in munic I'll be able to get the last required parts and actually test the setup.

I just saw that someone forwarded my posting to a google-group openmanufacturing. I think I'll monitor that group for a while. Sounds interesting.


(EN) SourceForge.net passwords reset

It seems that someone tried to sniff Sourceforge passwords.
SF has proactively disabled all passwords and people should
set themself new ones. Just in case.
At the moment login and password-reset are not possible.


(EN) ADB wireless


With this small application, you can connect your phone to the ADB via wireless network only using IP number. There is no need for cable, vendor id settings or anything else...
Important note: This application requires root permission!

(EN) Your Dropbox API App has been approved!

In my Dropbox Folder Sync -app for Android I started integrating an NC-style file-manager a while ago.
I now factored this out into it's own project and will offer it soon as a standalone program too.
The full name is:
"Remote File Manager for Dropbox"
(due to the trademark on "Dropbox")

Due to the rise of the Android tablets, I also provided a new layout-large-land.
Now it switches to a true 2-windows NC-style display on landscapes on tablets (-large instead of the new -xlarge to support the Galaxy Tab)
and uses the existing virtual 2-window mode on smaller displays and portrait-orientation.
Of cause this feature will find it's way into Dropbox Folder Sync too.


(DE) Piraten: Mannschaft wartete vergeblich auf Marine

Piraten kapern Schiff: Mannschaft wartete vergeblich auf Marine

Wirklich unschön wenn man vom Schutzraum aus Hilfe ruft und auch nach 2 Tagen keine Marine kommt um einen zu befreihen.

(DE) Neue Vespucci-Version

Ein paar super Patches bekommen und gleich eine neue Version raus gegeben:


Ist nicht im Android Market, da Google es einfach seid EEEEEEWIG nicht geschafft hat
mal auf das Ticket des alten Maintainers einzugehen und die Anwendung in mein
Konto rüber zu ziehen.

(EN) Open Source Creativity: Hackerspaces

Just found this cool short introduction to hackerspaces in a tweet by the Chaosupdate (CCC):



(EN) Dropbox referral status

"So far you've earned 8GB of the 8 GB maximum bonus space possible from referrals. "

cool! :)



sounds like my import of TMC into OpenStreetMap (courtesy of BAsT) is having fruits:

Hello Marcus,
FYI first version of germany_osm*.mca with TMC support is now available for NavigatorFREE (data are from planet-110105).
Thanks for your help


(EN) Thingiverse has Flattr

It seems that Thingiverse started to integrate Flattr.
So now you can give a lithttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftle bit of money to the designers who's things you like.

I'm using Thingiverse a lot to publish 3D-CAD-designs I made. Mostly of practical things to print on a 3D-printer.
(And I am not using Flattr yet.)


(EN) Your Thing Has Been Featured

Dear MarcusWolschon,

As a citizen of Thingiverse, you are receiving this email to keep you updated with activity on your things in the Thingiverse. Your SteadyCam Gimbal with grip V0.2 thing has caught the eye of a Thingiverse Admin and it is now being featured! Revel in the glory and check out the other featured things on Thingiverse.com/featured.

Cool. :)


(EN) SteadyCam Gimbal with grip V0.2

SteadyCam Gimbal with grip V0.2: "

This gimbal converts a sturdy car-mount for a laptop/camera into a steadycam.

The current version does not have a bearing for the vertical axis, so you can turn the camera by attaching a large handle to the side (use both hands to control the orientation of the camera).

TODO: I may improve the handle to have a bicycle-handle fit around it for added comfort.

TODO: I did not yet print it and check if it is stable enough for the serious weight of the car-mount.

It's a work in progress and my internet is not very good on this train, so I'll describe it in more detail later.