Cage for BMPCC and GH2

I'm currently designing a cage for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.
But since the camera won't be shipped before July, I'm testing my basic idea with a GH2 first.

Let's start with the requirements:
  • small
  • follow the form of the camera
  • handheld operation, meaning I can stil grab the camera and not have to attach handles to the cage.
  • GH2: access to the battery door (not for BMPCC since it can be powered via 12V and even charge the battery while at it)
  • Access all connectors, buttons on top and the full back side.

Mark I

Originally I thought about a conventional design like this one and just leave a larger gab on the right side to slip my hand between camera and cage.
The result looks like this:

 This looks nice in theory but has one important flaw.
Because both cameras are tiny, my hand extends a significant way below the camera.

Mark II

So I started to look around and found this cool design.

 I liked the way it put the right side forward.
I disliked the space below the camera as it adds bulk to the cage.

So now I'm changing my design to put the right side forward and allow a hand to grip the camera.
The result is this:
Now this may be easy to grip but...it's in the way when you want to grip the lens from below to change focus or zoom.
Turns out it is quite hard to design a cage that does not get in the way when the camera is to be used handheld, gripping the actual camera body.