(EN) just a bit of CAD in the morning

Managed to do some CAD work on the shoulder rig I'm currently working on.
The holes in the end pieces note go all the way through.
There are 2 models of the handle, two models of T connectors (Model B has issues with mechanical stress, so I introduced model A), two models if the overall assembly and the existing model B of the T connectors leaves more room for the wings of the wing nuts.
Also uploaded new renderings of both variations of the assembly and corrected the bolt sizes in the BOM.

...all before (hotel) breakfast.

(EN) shoulder rig: got the right bolts

Finally got toys if the way too long bolts and assembled the shoulder rig prototype with bolts if the right size. (M5x16mm wing bolts...I just love Schrauben Preisinger for having pretty much all nuts and bolts ever made in stock)
Looks much better this way.
Some last changes to the design and I hope that I can call it a finished version one after this weekend.
(after printing the changed parts)


(EN) making progess on my Shoulder Rig

I'm still short 2 T-connectors, 1 end-piece Version 4 and 2 handles but I'm getting somewhere...

* project page
* want to build one yourself? See here
* want to talk about it? See here


(EN) Shoulder rig

* project page
* want to build one yourself? See here
* want to talk about it? See here
I already posted, that I designed a 3d printable shoulder rig this week.
Now the printer is working behind he, while I do my own work to make this rig a reality.
...I just love home 3d printing as a tool.

Half of the parts are already printed now.
Several parts got small improvements after I tried t fit them but all did their job in their very first version.
I guess it will take another day for the rest of the parts and I hope to start developing a simple inline-skate-wheel based follow-focus without gears tomorrow too.

Update: The printed parts are also available on shapeways. (If you can't get access to a 3d printer yourself)

(EN) Eye-Fi SD-card with wifi-enabled computer

I got an Eye-Fi Pro X2 from ebay...
Problem is: I can't use it.
It asks for username+passwort and does not let me
register a new accoount.
According to support these cards are fixed to their account and I cannot reformat that card without username and password of the old owner.
It takes them about a day to do that on the server side.
...someone in product management seems to have f***** uo big time at Eye Fi.

* see their forum
* see an Eye-Fi card dissected
* see eCos patches eye-fi made
* see free Eye-Fi server written in python
* German: Eye-Fi mit Android
* coverage for automatic geotagging


(EN) Basic Shoulder Rig

Just published the basis rig.

I hope to print the rest of the parts this weekend.
Then I'll iterate the test-print->update->test-print
cycle a while. ;)


(EN) progress on shoulder rig

It's slowly taking shape. :)
All 3d printable of cause.
And of cause all will be published for anyone to print on Thingiverse later.

* Design on Thingiverse as Creative Commons
* The printed parts are also available on shapeways. (If you can't get access to a 3d printer yourself)


(EN) assembly of shoulder rig started

I got the first parts and the first plastic pieces are in the 3d printer.
It feels good to have some personal project to work on. :)
I hope to have a first basic rig tomorrow.
..as long as the printer keeps up.
For it may be that it is miscalibrated and holes are shrinking too much while cooling down.
(deadly for things made to measure)

Update: I disabled the Skeinforge Strech-plugin and holes are fine now.


(EN) Remote File Manager fro Dropbox v1.1

I finaly got around to working on my Dropbox FileManager for Android again.
Added some trivial features that have been bugging me for a while when using it.


(EN) 3d printable lense-flanges

Inspired by the Canon FD Flange b< Neil McNeight,
I started designing my own oned:
* my improved Canon FD Flange and
* my Micro-4/3 Flange

Just a building block to create lense-hoods, lens-adapters, pinhole-lenses,...


(EN) K9 filter folders

A while ago I commited a patch for K9 (Android Mailer) to add a menu and allow filtering in the SelectFolder -activity.
Since noone else has done it and it bugs me I now added the filtering -feature for
the FolderList too. It was just inconsistent.