(EN) 3D printed steadycam

This weekend I am working on my gimble for a homemade steadycam. (That was long overdue. I've been postponing this for weeks alreay.)

I improved the design from v0.2 to v0.7 so far. (See the design on Thingiverse.)

I actually printed v0.2-v0.7 . In fact, I posted my lessons learned in the Thingiverse Google-Group to inspire others to do the same with the design-principles and hints they learned designing their things.

And I created some assembly instructions in my wiki.

Hopefully next week in munic I'll be able to get the last required parts and actually test the setup.

I just saw that someone forwarded my posting to a google-group openmanufacturing. I think I'll monitor that group for a while. Sounds interesting.

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