Traveling Salesman V0.4 released

(Ich poste das hier mal in englisch, einfach weil ich den Text aus einer email bereits in englisch fertig hatte.)

The file-release-system on sourceforge sucks big time but with an hour of uploading files via ftp, then searchig for them in long lists, then refreshing the whole page for each and every file, repeating these steps for every library released and finally looking at pretty hour-glasses while searching for the same files again for the download-release-page I managed to:

Release version 0.4 of Traveling Salesman. A GPL navigation- and route-planing tool using the OpenStreetMap.
Changes include:
  • added database-support
  • new settings-dialog
  • settings now have descriptions and categories
  • improved responsiveness
  • improved multi-cpu/core support
  • new UI looks much better
  • debugged dijkstra (has problems when using databases)
  • many bug-fixes

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