Exchange Toshiba Bluetooth-Stack in Vista with Microsoft Stack to get ActiveSync / Mobile Device Center to work

ActiveSync or the new Vista "Mobile Device Center" does not seems to work with the Toshiba-Stack.
There are some aticles claiming it works if you change "HKEYLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\" -> "SerialPort" from "Bluetooth" to "COM7" and have COM7 in ControlCenter "Bluetooth Local COM" as "LocalCOM-Server[SerialPort]" but this did not do the trick for me.

What worked was, to:

1. uninstall the Toshiba-Stack (ControlPanel->Software->Remove)
2. wait a few seconds, an "unknown device" will pop up.
3. search in "c:\Windows" (or whatever your %SYSDRIVE% is)
4. wait quite a while for the list of drivers in c:\Windows to be build
5. Deselect "Show compatible hardware"
6. Select the "Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd." -> "Generic Bluetooth Radio" as described here (with screenshots.)


7. go to mobility-center and active "connection settings"->"bluetooth"
8. now pair your mobile device to the laptop (initiate on the pda, not the laptop. This seems to nake a difference.
In the list of services you will no longer see "A2DP-audio" or "serial port" as with Toshiba
but only "ActiveSync".
9. open ActiveSync on the PDA and select "synchronize over bluetooth".


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