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Nach langem Studium von langweiligen ISO-Standards und viel Debugging und Rumtesten....


Yes, we have it.

The SVN-version of Traveling Salesman can now parse TMC-messages in Royaltek and GNC/GNC2-format
received from RDS-capable GPS-receivers, store them and show the user a list of all traffic obstructions
currently in effect.

This will not be a part of Version 1.0 as much remains to be done.
Full TMC-support It is planned to a part of release 1.1 later this year.
This depends on the TMC-import into the OpenStreetMap.
All current tests are done with some locations being added to the map by hand and these locations
are the only one to currently work. It will take at least a few weeks to get all german locations into the OSM.
Other countries may follow later.

Currently TMC-messages are now shown in the map itself and are not yet used to affect routing.
Parsing needs to extract much more information then just a text-message to do that.

...but we are on our way. :)


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