(EN) hmac-trouble and good support from Dolphin Labs - Mozilla Weave / Firefox Sync for Dolphin HD

This morning I received the signed version of my plugin and put it in the market.

There are still issues with the hmac, so no syncing anything back to the server yet. But thanks to an updated SDK 5 for DolphinHD (thanks guys) I was able to implement oneway-syncing of bookmarks now.
You can also individually switch on and off syncing of passwords and bookmarks how and there is a help-page for the users (monolingual English at the moment).

2 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Please consider making this plugin free until it has successfully demonstrated its worth. If free you'll get broader user base and beta testing feedback.

The Editor hat gesagt…

Android Market does not allow to make anything payed once it was free.
Android Market does not allow uploading the same app under a different name later.
It worked fine here when Mozilla used v3 and it works fine here with v4 across 6 different browser-versions on
3 platforms. So it works.
It's not like 2eur is anywhere NEAR my regular payment for the hours to write these.
I'm writing them to fulfill my own needs and am offering them for a small token amount.
So if you want to commission a plugin for YOUR case, make it 600+taxes a day
and let's talk.
You don't buy this version but also ALL future versions.