(EN) "Firefox Sync for DolphinHD" on Android supports V4

2 nights and 3 days of hacking.
Now it's done! :)

"Firefox Sync for DolphinHD" version 1.5 now supports storage format 4
and SimplifiedCrypto.

It will be released IN THE NEXT DAYS.
(I need to find a way to test that it still works with V3 somehow.
Then Dolphin Labs needs to sign it.)
* existing versions are always upgraded through Android Market or
AndroidPit (whereever you got it from)
* V3 and V4 are both supported
* V3 passphrases are upgraded to V4 syncKeys if the server is on V4
* it is prepared to use storage api 1.1 but does still uses 1.0 for
the time being
* J-PAKE is not implemented yet as it does not exist in Firefox yet
and thus cannot be tested.
* I'd love to support sync-key input via QR-code but that proposal is
not going to make it into Firefox

help-page with feedback and instructons:

my development notes:

app on androidPit:

Both "show firefox passwords"-apps (free and pro version) will be
updated to support storage format 4 in a few days. They are small
helper-apps to instantly look up a passwort, bookmark or tab on the go
without setting up a full browser and synchronize it regularly.

Update: it's in Android Market now.

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