taking apart a camera

First tests to build a battery-grip for my GH1 camera by modifying a Chinese battery Grip for the Canon 450D. (Nearly the same size.)
However some Chinese thought it would be funny to *reverse the meaning of red and black wires*.
So I ended up frying my expensive camera.

...Took me ages and multiple failed attempts but I was able to find the fried sub-micron diode.
Tried to source a replacement diode.
...it turned out that a regular SMD- diode is still 5 times bigger then the one they used and does not fit mechanically.
Placed a 0,8mm wire over this 0.2mm diode. (Sorry, I can't cut shorter wires without a microscope.)

for (int i=0; i<7; i++) {
Put everything back together, black screen.
Took it apart, found a missing connector.
(dozens of them, all sub-millimeter mylar types.)
It switches on but I can't shoot pictures. Remote-trigger works.
Took it apart.....
Camera is working again.

It really hurts to touch the high-voltage part that powers the flash.

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Hello mate! I really appreciate what you’re providing here. Keep working that way.