LogicKeyboard LKB-FCPX-AM89-GR is NOT for FCPX

I got myself the "LKB-FCPX-AM89-GR" model keyboard fron LogicKeyboard to make it easier to learn the keyboard-bindings of Final Cut Pro X (without having to put up with the rubbery feeling of a silicone keyboard cover).

Just as a warning to everyone else out there.
Do not be fooled by the "FCPX" in the name.
The keyboard-bindings it contains are not for FCP X but for FCP 7.

For example:
  • P is labeled as "pen tool". While it is "Position".
  • Z is not labeled at all while it is "Zoom". One of the 7 major tools in the timeline.
  • K is only labeled as pause for J,K,L while CMD+K is the all-important keyword-tool.
  • S is labeled "Slip/Slide" while it enables/disables "Skimming" instead.
  • F is labeled "MatchFrame" instead of "Favorites"
  • ...

I'm currently working through a tutorial that finaly explains the intended workflow instead of just hyping about how great some new features are. What I'm still looking for is
  1. a way to read the help-file while offline in a train to lean and understand this tool and
  2. some documentation or tutorial explaining the UI- and workflow- concepts. (Why some things apply to a whole clip and others only to segments of a clip. When clip A is selected, where in the UI to look for what kind of operation or information. What the concept of multicam vs. synchronised clips vs. compound clips are. ...)

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