Rebuilding an existing camera

I recently found an announcement and later a story about the final product on EOSHD.
The product is a modification to the NEX 5N camera. Producing an entirely new case for this camera with active cooling (because the camera has overheating issues),  locking HDMI sockets, reinforced USB connector, huge monitor,...
This fascinated me. Having taken apart one Panasonic GH2 already in the past, I though about what it takes to do such a thing for this camera too and what options this provides.
In the end I settled to do an alternative case for something much simpler first. For the YN460 II flashes. The point being to integrate umbrella holder, external power socket, and my existing radio triggers into one flash body.
Then I found a posting on DVXUsers.  It seems that back in april a user named "rigs" got the idea of a custom machined new body for the GH2 with an incredible array of planned features. So it seems like someone else not only though of this but actually started for the GH2. The discussion is still going on, so the project seems to have not died in the last few month.
I'm not sure if I should do such a think. Printing objects of that size is ...difficult on the ThingOMatic lately. In a month the GH3 will be relased. I'm selling my two GH1 to replace one of them with a  GH3 and the other with a second GH2. Difficult to decide on a project.

I guess I'll offer Rigs my help but all on my own I'll work on these modified flashes and cool mounting options for the GoPro.  ...and on actually editing the video clips I already made.

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