CCC-Freiburg "Hack 'n Play"

Had a very nice evening at CCCfr during today's "Hack'nPlay".
A mixture of talks and lightning talks and a free software lan-party.
Including a ton of retro games. Handheld, console and early PC based.

We're so lucky to have share in the infrastructure of the ArTik with our small Club in Freiburg.

I was called to help my record the talks while hackers from Karlsruhe would take care of a live stream and a media trainee took photos. (Being there, of cause I took my fair share of photos too.)
I hope to have my photos up on Tuesday. The videos will take a few days as I have to get the official audio recording first and sync my clips to it.

Met some nice folks from Chaos Computer Club in Zurich, Switzerland.

2013-01-22 CCCfr HackNPlay

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