Makibox: E3D hotend installed

    The modification

    I gave up waiting for the experimental Makibox hotend upgrade.
    So as planned, I finally got my new E3d hotend.
    Last weekend, during Easterhegg someone 3d printed me a mount for it.
    I pretty much followed these instructions.
    Except that I made a different modification to the Z endstop, that can be seen below.
    I wanted my endstop to be adjustable. (See the photo below)


     If you have the PrintRboard (first generation Makibox machines), you need to swap some cables after the firmware update:

    From the top down the end-stops are:
    * e-stop (move Y endstop cable here on the PrintRboard)
    * z endstop
    * y endstop (remove this cable)
    * x endstop


    The E3D version 5 bowden 1.75mm hotend works great!
    The Airtripper versioon 3 BSP extruder works great!
    The hotend mounting has about 2mm of play in Y.
    I'll replace it with a modified version that uses LM4UU linear ball bearings as soon as the bearings get here.
    The final line is: I CAN 3D PRINT AGAIN!!!!! :)


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