continuous Multicam recording

I know, I have too many cameras.
What do you say. It's a hobby of mine.
But every now and then I actually use all of them... at the same time.
Lectures and events have a tendency of ending up as multicam events that need more then 20 or 40 minutes per camera and should have their highest possible quality because they simply can't be repeated. 

Surprisingly I got my hands on a used Ninja 2 on eBay.
Now I have completed my setup!
(inserts manic laughter here) 


One GH4R with no internal recording limit can be powered by an Atomos Power Station and record in 4:2:2 onto a Ninja Assassin in UHD for the wide shot that also gives crispy sharp, post-stabilized, post-panned FullHD medium shots as a crop. It doesn't move or refocus and thus needs little monitoring.(for Wifi monitoring I would have to switch from 10bit down to 8bit and I won't do that)
An internal MPEG backup recording is running.
Zoom H6 does the sound as 6 wav including - 4dB  backup against clipping channels ,if not all channels are uses and has its line out run into the Ninja Assassin too. Channel 1+2  are the Mid/Side microphone because that gives perfect Mono down mix and can not have any stereo cancellations like the shotguns 3+4. 5+6 is a Rode VideoLink digital wireless channel to a Lavalier. 

Remote Right

One Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on the far right. Powered from a Lanparte V-mount plate. An Atomos H2S converts the HDMI to SDI.
An internal ProRes LT backup recording is running.
It provides FullHD Closeups from the right .
The SDI cable runs to left side. 


There am I with an Atomos Samurai Blade, monitoring and recording it and giving instructions via PMR radio to match my own framing.
Myself I am with another Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, another Lanparte battery plate and the Ninja 2 for matching Closeups from the left side. Monitor is not as good and I have no scopes but I have my eyes and the screen of the camera.
Now we have wide shots from dead centered with any crop we desire and Closeups for dialogues from left and right.
Wenever something important is obscured from one side, we have 2 different angles to choose from.


  • Each recording has a backup. 
  • I can see what the opposite camera is doing including focus peaking and give instructions
  • HDD (Fullhd)  and SSD (UHD) drives last forever 
  • so do the batteries 
  • audio from 3 locations +lav in case a chair chair squeaks and for a wide applause with no single shouts standing out
  • all recordings are in 10bit (or raw)  -  no banding when I pull the midtones up of down in post or pull up the shadows 
  • all recordings are in ProRes (or raw) - fine noise floor for NeatVideo to work with and no MPEG artifacts 
  • Editing off the 3 SATA drives directly with no need to copy anything

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