Released Pago-Plugin for jGnucash

Hello everyone.

And again we have a major step in automating these boring finance-tasks...
Today I releases the Pago-plugin for jGnucashEditor under the terms of the GPL3:



It can automatically download all not yet downloaded
account-statements and clearing-statements
for Pago credit-card acceptance from the password-protected website.
* Then it extracts these pdf-files and converts them to text.
* The text is then parsed and the transaction-splits for
disagio-values of existing transactions are checked and corrected if
* Any "TODO: Disagio" is removed from the comment of these transactions.
* new dummy-transactions are added showing the saldo for the received
payments and the security-deposit
* they also show if all stated transactions have been identified and
how many are missing
* they also show by how much the saldo in gnucash is off to make it
easy to find the missing or wrong transaction
* the pdf-files are archived in a local directory

* Obvisiously you need to have your credit-card-acceptance with Pago
but the code can easily be adapted to automate other, similar
* This code has not the same quality-level as the other plugins have.
There are some hardcoded-account-IDs that need changing (in the code
correcting the sales-tax on a disagio).
* I tried numerous java-pdf-libraries including the pdf-bean by Adobe
itself but none of them could properly parse the pdf-files
generated by Pago, so this code has /usr/bin/pdftotext hardcoded.
Sorry guys, first of all I needed this to work when I wrote it. Being
elegant and
clean was secondary to that.

Marcus Wolschon

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