Traveling Salesman as GPSD for Windows

I was frustrated to not find a GPSD for Windows.
So I added a feature to Traveling Salesman to make
it act as a minimal GPSD-Server for JOSM.

The feature part of the SVN-Version. A new release
will follow soon.


* Checkout and compile libosm, osmnavigation and traveling salesman.
* start Traveling Salesman (the traveling_salesman.jar is executable)
* open "preferences"->"navigation"
* make sure "Port for gpsd-emulatio" is set to 2947
* set "get position from" to JGPSProvider (o GPXFileProvider for testing)
* for JGPSProvider set "JGPS com-port description" to
"COM5,19200,8,1,N" or similar.
* start JOSM and let LiveGPS connect.

Currently there is an "open in josm" -button in Traveling Salesman, to download
the latest josm (if not yet present) and open the currently visible area in it.
A new button "survey roads" that downloads and starts josm inclusing liveGPS
and Surveyor may follow soon.
This way you can start surveying with one click if you see a missing street
while navigating from A to B.

Marcus Wolschon

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