(EN) My YouTube channel

After the current shoulder rig with it's accessories is finished,
I'd like to try something new and start a video-channel with howtos.

The content will be mainly things I make but maybe I'll also do reports of cool events like the camps and congresses of the Chaos Computer Club.

I'll try to keep the quality up and the rate low.
With the video- and audio equipment I've build and gathered it should be possible.
I just don't know if I'll manage to actually pull this of.
I also don't know yet if I'll even be able to keep such a thing going.

Mission statement:
I'm a fan of DIY videos but often their visual, audio and narrative quality is lacking.
That's what I'm trying to improve by example using a proper script, green screen, lighting, color correction and audio leveling.

So, visit


and hope that it will have some first content in the following weeks.

update:(2011-04-12) added the youtube-channel to the right side of this blog.
I'm still waiting for the final audio equipment but a draft of the introductory video is already done. (I'll redo all the talking when the audio equipment is here)

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