(EN) some more CAD (audio remote for camera rig)

Well, I had a long evening in the hotel before I walked over to CCC Munic and did some more CAD work...

The first one is an adapter to attach this:

to this:


Without these cumbersome rubber-straps that come with the Digifinder and without loosing the outer 10% of the display (where e.g. the battery-indicator is shown).

So it looks like this:

and is supposed to simply clip onto the display.

The second design is an attachment to hold an RC4 remote for a the famous Zoom H4n audio-recorder onto the handle of my shoulder rig.

This way you can control the audio with your left hand while holding the camera-rig.

Both are not yet printed, so I do not post them onto thingiverse just yet.

Indeed, I may take the time to dismantle that remote (4 bolts on the back side)
and print myself a completely new case for it, that directly attached to the rig.

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Hi Marcus, "s/outher/outer/g"
That's okay. You're note native English either. ;)

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