Freibyte II

Wow....doing some audio takes a LOT more effort then I though it would.
I recorded that Freibyte -part I was asked to do yesterday.
Couldn't use the very good Zoom H4n internal microphones because my hotel room has a lot of echo to it.
The clamp of the Lavalier was missing, so that one rubbed against my clothes and was unusable.
Leaving only the Sennheiser MKE-400. A directional mono-microphone intended as a good replacement for camera-internal microphones in video.

Turned out it was very good at not picking up the echo.
The slightly higher noise-floor compared to the more expensive H4n was easy to reduce using audacity.
But it DID pick up lots of other, unwanted sounds that came from my direction.
Me inhaling between sentences and some noise from my clothes and water in my mouth.
Luckily I spoke loud enough so they are only noticable in the pause between sentences.
It's a lot of work though to manually go through each and every sentence to remove these by hand. :(

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