Thing-O-Matic: cooling the Z-stepper

On the Thing-O-Matic the z-stepper gets very hot.
As the Z-axis does not use a simple threaded rod,
the stepper needs to be kept powered to hold the Z-stage in place.

A while ago tatsuya designed a simple clip that houses a small 40mm DC fan to cool the z-stepper.

As I am moving my TOM quite often, I feared that such a small fan would break off.
So I took a larger fan.
Mine is 40x50mm and very thick.
So I had to re-design this clip anyway.
While at it, I added a number of improvements.
Such as the clip bending and clamping down on the wood instead of sliding on.
Or the clip arms to be shorter, so as not to interfere with the z endstop.
Or the entry to the clip being tapered by 2mm to make it easy to slide on.
Same for the bolt holes that are tapered by 1mm.
And of cause the fan being held by it's front- and back -side and no longer housed inside the clip.

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