3D photos in Photoshop CS6 BETA

I played around with 3D photos lately.
What I found missing was a program to do basic editing of 3D photos.
I need:
  • white balance
  • saturation, levels, brightness, contrast,...
  • crop, scale and rotate to make some horizontal/vertical line in the photo truely horizontal/vertical
  • save in the original MPO-format as well as SideBySide+Red/Cyan-Anaglyph.
Extremely basic operations.

After someone commented that Photoshop CS6 spports MPO files (containers with 2 JPEG-images used for 3D photos), I check it out.

Bridge CS6 doesn't offer "Photoshop" or "Camera Raw" as "open with...".
Bummer. I can only open it with the Preview -app of MacOS from within Bridge.

Then I opened the MPO -files in the Photoshop CS6 trial.
They open in a "3D-layer" where I can switch between Anaglyph and SideBySide.
However apart form HDR-toning I can't do anything.
No brightness/contrast,
no levels,
nothing involving colors at all.
I am offered to crop+turn the image but for turning a) I need to input the rotation in degrees instead of marking a horizontal/vertical line b) it asks me to convert from 3D into a SmartObject. I can't convert back to 3D.
Trimming a 3D image displayed as side-by-side trims the SBS-image, not the left+the right image, so it destroys the image.

So yes, it can open them but I can't DO anything with it once I opened it.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Actually, when you open an MPO file in photoshop, under the properties pane for 3D, there is an option to "edit source". This opens the source in a tab and allows you to do any 2D corrections to your images you may need.

Hope that helps!