improvised teleprompter for GH2

I just had a strange idea and ...improvised myself a teleprompter for video podcasting.
There are scores of teleprompter-apps out there for Android but it's hard to get a beamsplitter in any size like 300x400mm without shelling out >100 Euro.
("Free Teleprompter" doesn't change the font-size on IceCreamSandwich and is thus unusable. Sorry.)

What I did was to use my Nexus Galaxy in it's Otterbox outdoor case.
The case has an extremely sturdy belt clip that can even rotate the phone.
So I combined a short strip of wood that has the exact maximum width of the belt, the belt clip and securely hook on to.
This way the belt clip securely gribs all around the wood and cannot move.
Then I drilled a 1/4 inch hole and positioned this piece of wood using a magic arm (chinese clone)  attached to the hot shoe of the camera.

Result: It works very very well and takes up virtually no space at all.
With the PanLeica 25mm lens (slightly less then 50mm without crop) the eye movement and direction of viewing works well when the shot covers head and upper body.
With a closeup covering only the head you notice that I am actually looking towards a point above the lens.
You'd need a longer lens (like 50mm or 85mm) and position the camera further away to do this.
...or an actual beamsplitter mirror to have the text in front of the lens.

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Quite right! I think, what is it excellent idea.