I'm currently visiting 29C3, the 29th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg together with my fellow CCCfr (Chaos Computer Club - Erfa Kreis Freiburg) members.
Had a great time so far.
Sadly I found out I'm nearly out of filament just when I packed the car and there are (surprisingly) only 2 other people with 3d printers here and both use 1.75mm filament. ...while I run on standard 3mm.


Missed most of the talks because I was either talking to people and getting great solutions for current issues, lectures being full or by being tied up because the 3d printer was still running or the soldering iron hot.

personal projects done and presented

Managed to get quite a lot done too.
  • At the moment I'm printing a belt tensioner for my titanium ABP belt on the 3D printer.
  • Designed and printed a first prototype of an adapter to use Saeco dual-height coffee pad holders in my coffee machine.
  • Converted a japanese EEG toy to european 50Hz mains frequency, added a port to get the raw signal and decoded the protocol in a logic analyser. (Didn't manage to connect the EEG to my R0cket because of issues setting up the R0cket module build environment.)
  • Designed a completely new camera flash based on the YN460 II but with a better battery case,  switch between batteries and mains power supply, integrated umbrella holder, space for an Arduino Nano to remote control the power and not just trigger the flash remotely.
  • Did a lot of Arduino prototyping using different sensors.
  • I still plan to reanimate my old N.S.E.C.T. toy robot and connect it to an Atmel in the remainng 2 congress days.

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